Vast tracts of rain forests are being chopped down everyday leading to a loss of vegetation. How does this affect other organisms?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The destruction of rainforests by humans is affecting all organisms that live on Earth, including humans in a very profound manner.

The rainforests have the richest biodiversity of organisms on the Earth. Scientists predict that up to 75% of all species that are found on the Earth live in the rainforests. A loss of vegetation is forcing organisms to relocate. As a larger number of organisms struggle to survive in an ever decreasing forest cover, species are getting extinct at an alarming rate. Scientists believe that there are millions of species still to be discovered. The decrease in forest cover could mean that a large number of species would go extinct even before we discover them.

In addition to the harm caused by the decline in forest cover to organisms that live in the rainforests, this rapid deforestation is also affecting all the other species that live on Earth. This is due to the fact that the rainforests are one of the largest carbon dioxide sinks on Earth. As they reduce in size, the rise in carbon dioxide levels is increasing global temperatures. Weather patterns are changing around the world and sea levels are rising. These and their accompanying ill-effects have made the survival of organisms on Earth a very difficult task indeed.

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