There are various settings described in the story "A Jury of Her Peers." What are three that help your understanding of the story?

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The settings of the Wright farm in the expansive farmland of Dickson County, Iowa, the town that represents Indianola, where the real woman represented by Minnie Foster lived as a young woman, and the interior farmhouse itself--specifically, the kitchen--are all key elements to the understanding of the crime and the character of those involved.

  • The town

This setting is significant because it provides insights into the personal history of Minnie Foster. As a young woman twenty years ago, she was vivacious and socially involved, singing in the choir at church  Mrs. Hale tells Mrs. Peters as they find mended and shabby clothes in the closet for Mrs. Wright at the jail:

"I think maybe that's why she kept so much to herself. I s'pose she felt she couldn't do her part; and then, you don't enjoy things when you feel shabby."

Now, Mrs. Wright has asked for an apron, an article she would have no need of in jail. This request is indicative of Mrs. Wright's self-perception as a farm woman, whose...

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