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The vapor density of a gas is 11.2. The volume occupied  by 10 g of the gas at STP is?

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The molar mass of a gas, given the vapor density is calculated as:

molar mass = 2 x vapor density

The vapor density of the gas is 11.2. Thus, the molar mass of the gas is:

molar mass =  2 x 11.2 = 22.4 gm/mole

The given amount of the gas is 10 gm. Thus the number of moles of the gas are:

Number of moles = 10/22.4 mole = 0.45 moles (approximately)

At STP, 1 mole of a gas occupies 22.4 lt of volume. Here, we have about 0.45 moles of the gas. Hence the volume occupied by the gas at STP is:

Volume occupied = 0.45 x 22.4 lt = 10 lt.

Thus, the 10 gm of a gas, with a vapor density of 11.2, will occupy 10 lt of volume at STP. 

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