Ender's Game Questions and Answers
by Orson Scott Card

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Explain why Valentine did not like some of the positions Peter made Demosthenes take in Ender's Game. The quote: She says, " I thought the idea was to unify the world. If I write this like you say I should, Peter, I'm pretty much calling for war to breakup the Warsaw Pact." ( Pg.136) explain..thanks!

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In Ender's Game, Valentine both fears and loves Peter.  She cannot help but recall to her memories of the skinned squirrel and fears Peter's sadistic, violent nature rises to the surface with his suggestion for Demosthenes to argue the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact.  Nobody else in the world is in the valuable position that Valentine is in; as Peter's sister, she, better than anyone else, understands his drive for power and control. 

As Peter coaxes her to make Demosthenes a more polarizing figure with her rhetoric, she fears that Peter will use the situation to create an even more dangerous and blood-thirsty war between the most powerful nations.

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