Valency calculationsHow to calculate the valency of the elements?

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The valency of elements is the number of electrons that the atom of the element has to lose or the number of electrons the atom has to accept to achieve an outermost electron shell configuration same as that of the nearest inert gas.

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the valency of an element is the number electrons it can lose or gain...for an example

ovygen- its elecronice configuration is 2,6

so it can gain 2 more elecrons to complete its octect.

so its valency is 2.

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The valency of an element is the number of atoms that can bond with other atoms to form combinations.

The valency of an atom can be found calculating the number of electrons necessary to complete the octet.

For instance, the valency of the Cl element is 1 since the last layer of Cl has 7 valence electrons.

Cl Valency = 8 - 7

Cl Valency = 1