Examine how Winston is similar to V in V For Vendetta. 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Winston is similar to V in that both of them are active agents against a political regime that has consolidated all control.  Winston's endeavors against Big Brother and V's work  against the Norsefire part are similar in that both of them are seen as subversive by those in the position of power.  Both protagonists recognize that their respective governments have too much power over the lives of citizens.   Both characters exist "underground" in their missions and belief systems, reflecting the vast level of control that the respective governments have over voices of dissent. At the same time, both V and Winston wish to inspire others to join them.  Certainly, V is a bit more successful than Winston, but the initial reaction against the controlling interests of the government is where their similarity lies.  Finally, both protagonists are similar in that their vision of liberation ends prematurely.  V dies in Evey's arms, unable to see the end of the Norsefire, while Winston has become appropriated by Big Brother and is unable to see the end of the regime.