The Fly in the Ointment by V. S. Pritchett

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V.S.Pritchett wrote The Fly in the Ointment in psychological realms, discuss the double-faced, split personality of the old man.

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The Fly in the Ointment explores the shaky and dysfunctional relationship between a college lecturer, Harold, and his father. The plot develops when Harold goes to visit his father with the purpose of helping him financially with whatever resources he is able to help. The problem comes mainly because the old man is a shrewed, calculating, and manipulative. He also just lost his business, which has depressed him and, knowing how important money is for his father, Harold has voluntarily come to try to make his father less miserable.

The old man's "double-face" is described in the directions.

[He] had two faces… soft warm and innocent daub of innocent sealing wax…[then] shrewd, scared and hard.

The father is glad to switch...

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