Usually people suggest that children are pure and innocent. Discuss Bradbury's exploration of the idea that children are amoral.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Bradbury explores how children can become dehumanized and lose emotional connection to people through technology.  It is not that the children are amoral as much as how their sensitivity diminishes with their love of technology.  Bradbury brings out how emotional bonds to people are supplanted with a technology obsession.  The children resent their parents when they try to take away the room from them. It is at this point where they readily understand the need to eliminate their parents.  It is not that they dislike their parents, but their love of technology is more than their love for their parents.  Bradbury might be suggesting that an obsession with technology can prove to be more enticing for children than the love for their parents and it is here where Bradbury might be suggesting that there is a definite fear of technology.  In this, I think that Bradbury raises a new dimension to what can be considered as a part of childhood and how love of technology can easily supplant the love of parents.  The issue of morality is one that is cast amongst the passion and zeal for technology with which children can be enamored.