Using your own words, briefly describe what social responsibility means to you personally.

gsenviro | Student

Social responsibility, to me, is a set of behavior patterns that delineates how my actions are going to benefit the society. It could be a small act of donating resources (capital and materials - clothes, books, food, etc.) or actively trying to bring about change. In general, individuals tend to be either active or passive when it comes to social responsibility. Either they avoid indulging in activities they deem will harm the society (passive) or they actively participate in some activity (blood donation, food collection, etc.).

I personally believe that the passive approach is easiest to follow by avoiding activities that, in my opinion, will adversely affect my society. These may include not littering or smoking in public areas, driving carefully, being a rational member of society, etc. I do not personally participate in donation or collection of materialistic items. Being a teacher, I believe, I can make a more positive change by influencing the minds and activities of my students and thus positively influencing an entire generation. I do point out to my students, occassionally, what socially responsible behavior means (including not littering, being courteous and rational while interacting with others, making informed decisions, etc.). 

I believe if our own actions are socially responsible and if we can motivate others to do the same (or similar), many problems in society will be solved by themselves.