With help from the the documents below, show how Hitler's Germany was a Totalitarian State. Document 1 : "Our state is an educational state… It does not let a man go free from the cradle to the grave. We begin with the child when he is three years old. As soon as he begins to think, he is made to carry a little flag. Then he follows school, the Hitler Youth, the storm troopers and military training. We don’t let him go; and when all that is done, comes the Labour front, which takes possession of him again, and does not let him go till he dies, even if he does not like it. " Document 2 (picture) : http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/74/They_salute_with_both_hands_now_1934-DLow.png

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A totalitarian government is one that attempts to control every part of the lives of its people.  It attempts to have total control over them.  Nazi Germany was such a state because it attempted to control the people’s thoughts as well as their actions.

In Nazi Germany, the state wanted to be sure that there were no centers of power outside the Nazi Party.  They took control of the labor unions.  They banned all other political parties.  They tried to control the churches. 

The Nazis tried to control what people thought as well.  There was, of course, the secret police which was used to hunt down anyone who might dissent against the Nazi government.  With the banning of political parties and the use of the secret police, the Nazis tried to control political thinking.

In addition, as shown in the first document, they took “positive” measures to try to inculcate Nazi thought (rather than simply “negative” measures to prevent other kinds of thought).  They set up various kinds of groups, starting with youth groups, to which Germans needed to belong.  Part of what these groups did was to teach Germans how to think in approved ways.

Through all of these (and other) methods, the Nazis created a totalitarian state.  This was one where the government was able to force people (through threat of violence as seen in the second document) to behave and even to think as the Nazis wanted.

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