What are some examples of the NRA's efforts to educate its members on political challeges?Please use the www.nra.org website as a source for your response. Thank you.

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Essentially, the National Rifle Association's website is innundate with much information about how gun owners' rights are under siege from the current administration.  The website's look and feel is one in which the issue of gun ownership and its apparent denigration is defined as one of the most central issues facing America today.  The section of the website that includes the Institute for Legislative Action features diferent examples of reporting that details the current climate of political challenges for those who fervently believe and stand with the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.  For example, there is expansive reporting of how the President mentioned in the second Presidential debate that he was considering bringing back a ban on semi- automatic weapons.  Another example would be the tab on "Trigger the Vote" in which actor R. Lee Ermey, represents "Gunny."  As an advocate for individuals who believe in the defense of their Second Amendment Right, "Gunny" is reminder to all individuals that they must register to vote in order to "trigger" the change that is needed in order to make members of the NRA politically content.   These elements help to educate the members of the NRA of the apparent political challenges that face them in modern America.


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