using psychoanalysis of sigmund freud,discuss sons and lovers by DH Lawrence

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At first, it should be noted that the question you have asked needs to be answered vastly. I can help you giving the key factors:

Sigmund Freud's Oedipus complex theory acts as a vital issue in the novel. In this autobiographical novel, D. H. Lawrence depicts a different sort of mother-son or male-female relationship, which is really unusual, even sometimes, odd to many readers. According to Freud, man usually falls in love for the first time in his life with the image of his mother. When the boy grows up a little, his super ego gets activated. Super ego is that part of psyche which is unconscious, and accepts things which are told to be done by the family and the society. As he grows older, his super ego is suppressed by his ego. Ego is the conscious part of psyche which is operated by himself and the realities around him. The protagonist Paul, in this novel is trapped by the conflict between his ego and superego, and inertly and subconsciously, he begins to feel a soft corner for his mother, Mrs. Morel.

In Sons and Lovers, marriage is only a matter of endurance to Paul's mother, Mrs. Morel, and she turns off from Mr. Morel after a few years of their conjugal life, and draws all her attention to her son William. William, is shown to be so attached with his mother that he can not surpass the boundary which his mother makes around him; the boundary of a mother's charm. He can neither find any other girl likable, nor as good as his mother. The image of a perfect woman he only finds in his mother, and consequently, no other girl can satisfy him. This suppresses him mentally, because he can not come enough close to his beloved and later, we see him die at a young age being inertly tortured. A very similar case happens to Paul. In fact Mrs. Morel, after the death of William, finds a friend as well as a lover in Paul, since she feels no warmth or attraction towards her husband who is supposed by her to be totally incapable of supporting or making romance with her. Paul becomes an all-time company of his mother from the heart and soul. Paul, like William, never finds a girl who can satisfy him, for example, Miriam is too spiritual and sacrificing, and Clara is too sizzling to please him. Both were extremes, and Paul wants a combination of course. So, finally, Paul is compelled to kill his mother whom he loves the most for his own mental peace. Yet, to none of the both girls, he returns, because, at the end, he can realize that, it would never be possible for him to overcome the affection to his mother.

Because of the Psychological conflicts, the characters especially Paul can not live a normal life. In fact, the mind-reality conflict paves the way for the plot to grow up more maturely, and finally, ends up with the character development of Paul.

Hopefully, this post will help you at least to get the core idea.

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