Using the plot, setting and characters how could you show a deeper understanding of independence in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley?Identity is also important if that could be elaborated on?

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Independence might also be connected with self-reliance and free-thinking when taking in the context of applying Brave New World with today's society. Can anyone really truly be independent while living in or outside of society? Along with that question, one might wonder if identity is a product of our environment or the result of one's personal choices. If you take each character and critically analyze his or her own journey through the environment in which they were raised, these questions would be more easily answered. Take Bernard, Lenina and John, for instance. They each cross over to another setting from the one they grew up in. Each character reacts differently to the new environment in which they are introduced; then, the plot starts to shape by their reactions to those environments and the people the meet as well. Lenina and John fall in love, but due to their different upbringings, it is too difficult to communicate and participate in a loving relationship. Both are bound to what they know and understand from their own society. Their own identities are shaped from their environments and the experiences that they have there. In the end, it is impossible to cross over and adjust after experiencing such tragic events.

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