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What are some of the NRA's efforts to generate credible information to back up its lobbying? Please use the website as a source for your response. Thank you.

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I tend to think that through its Institute for Legislative Action (ILA), the National Rifle Association (NRA) tends to speak out towards the idea that there are elements in the political system that seek to take away from the rights of gun owners.  The ILA features different elements on its page that take this idea of gun ownership coming under siege from the Status Quo and apply it to different domains.  For example, there are links and analysis on the page that argues a second term for President Obama will help to facilitate legislation that is reminiscent of a 1994 proposal to ban semi- automatic weapons.  At the same time, the ILA has suggested that it has done background checks on the different candidates running regarding their position on gun ownership and how much they have represented the rights and interests on gun owners.  These "Does Your Candidate Make the Grade" analysis helps to position the ILA as akin to a "fact checker" on the issues of guns and gun ownership.  At the same time, the ILA does reporting of where current referendum and initiative action stands on legislation related to gun ownership, such as "Yes on 2" in Louisiana.  Such reporting helps to lend credence to the idea that the NRA is able to generate credible information and research to back up its lobbying attempts.

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