Please explain this quote: "Using music as a way of educating kids is a very comprehensive way."

Expert Answers
Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can probably explain the quote you cite; however, I'm not sure I can agree with it.  The quote says "using music as a way of educating kids is a very comprehensive way," and there is a bit of truth to this, it seems to me.  Learning how to play an instrument, for example, is beneficial to education in several ways.  First, it encourages discipline and consistency and practice in order to improve.  That's a general principle of success in any educational endeavor, as well.  Second, learning to read and play music requires mental acuity, and this same mental agility spills over into all other areas of study.  In short, learning to play or sing music is a good foundation for all other learning, which is what your quote implies.

I'm not sure simply listening to or enjoying music would be hugely beneficial to education or learning, though.  It may be good for calming nerves or stimulating concentration; however, this passive use of music is not particularly applicable to educating kids, as the quote suggests.