Using the micro and macro theory, what are three Biblical accounts in which Jesus served as a social worker?

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In order to answer this question you must have an understanding of the macro system of ecological theory.  This theory outlines that our environment has a direct impact on our behavior. It is comprised of the micro system, which is our inner most world including our beliefs, value, religion, and family. The mezzo system is our community, this can include our neighborhood, school, community and agencies.  The macro system is the largest governing part of our community including  economics, the political system, culture they live in, and societal values.  To determine how Jesus worked as a social worker you need to determine how these factors affected him and how he affected these factors.

An example of a micro factor is when he demonstrated or explained his values to his disciples like when he turned water into wine or explained how five fish fed a multitude. An example of macro is when he intervened in what would otherwise be government action like when he chased moneylenders and other merchants from the Temple steps. An example of mezzo is when he read and preached in the local temple.