Using Hershey’s brand Chocolate Syrup, describe the profile of the target customer using each of the following segmentation methods: Be specific. Geographic Demographic Psychographic Behavioral

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is the kind of condiment that appeals to consumers of all ages and genders.  Chocolate being a hugely popular flavor, and ice cream being a staple of many households, the market for chocolate syrup is enormous, especially when one adds the option of making chocolate-flavored milk.  Consequently, Hershey’s marketing campaign does not need to be narrowly focused towards any particular segment of the population.  While consumption of ice cream certainly increases dramatically during the hot summer months, it does not disappear during winter, and tens of millions of American consumers who live within the so-called “Sun Belt” enjoy lengthy periods of warm weather.  In short, geographic limitations on the marketing of chocolate syrup are essentially nonexistent.  That said, the aforementioned warm weather climates clearly present a more attractive year-round target for advertising.

Demographics, however, do factor in to decisions regarding marketing of chocolate syrup.  Again, while all age groups consume ice cream, there is no question that children are the primary target of marketing campaigns for Hershey’s.  Children of all ethnicities and age groups drive demand both for ice cream and for chocolate milk, the two main applications for chocolate syrup, and parents are very susceptible to their children’s request for items like this that usually appeal to them as well. 

In the case of chocolate syrup, there is tremendous overlap between demographics and psychographics, with children remaining the principal focus.  While psychographics incorporate emotional and intellectual factors, as well as lifestyle decisions, into the equation, the market for chocolate syrup is sufficiently broad that no reasonable advertising campaign can evade the relatively small segment that of the population that identifies itself as vegan.  Similarly, and more broadly, no advertising campaign can evade the senses of those who eschew substances high in processed sugar, such as the physically-fit, as they live among the rest of us and the surgical application of an advertising campaign will invariably involve collateral damage among those who avoid such types of food.

Finally, targeting a segment of the population according to behavioral characteristics, as with demographics and psychographics, involves that sizable part of the population that enjoys sugary snacks and that consumes large quantities of ice cream and chocolate milk, and that means children and adults who are not particularly weight conscious.  Especially during the long, hot days of summer, when children spend much of their time outdoors running around, and parents engage in lawn care and other outdoor activities, consumption of ice cream increases dramatically.  Consequently, marketing of chocolate syrup would increase during those months.  There is a reason we only hear the ubiquitous bell of the ice cream truck during summer: that is when children are consuming much more ice cream.  Behavior changes seasonally, and food consumption changes with it.