Using facts from "Super Size Me," is the fast food industry at least partly to blame for the obesity problem in the US?It need to be at least 5 facts from the video, "Super Size Me"

Expert Answers
appletrees eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The film offers some very powerful arguments to suggest that fast food and obesity are closely linked. The statistics showing that large numbers of people consume fast food on a regular basis, when considered alongside the amount of weight gained by Spurlock in his month-long experiment, cannot be ignored. Spurlock also makes the point that car culture and the ease of "drive-through" food makes it likely that many fast food consumers don't get sufficient exercise. He recreates this condition by taking cabs to the McDonald's locations in New York City. The use of artificial flavorings that enhance the eating experience make the food tempting, despite its lack of nutritive value. Finally, the title refers to the enormous portions and the economic lure of larger portions for low prices as a way to tempt consumers to eat more of the food than is healthy.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fast-food industry certainly makes it easy for people to gain weight if they are regular consumers, but ultimately the choice is theirs. The industry is successful because they make food cheap (unlike many of the healthier alternatives);they make it accessible (through drive-thrus as well as overwhelming franchise presence); they enhance the flavorings in order to increase customer satisfaction level; they often prepare foods in a fat-saturated (but well disguised) manner; and they promote consistent visits to their establishments (through special sales or cross-promotions with movies or whatever else is popular and trendy).

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The problem with this argument is that people make their own choices. It is true that the food is cheap and tasty, but by now everyone knows how bad if is for us and what is in it. The argument that the food is addictive has merit, but so are cigarettes and alcohol and people still use those. Parents make the choice to feed it to their children, often because if is easy and fast, and cheap, more than because the kids see the commercials for the toys and ask for them.
anacouto | Student

The fast food industry is completely to blame for the obesity problem in the USA. Those industries offer fatty food with lack of essential nutrients. Family habits have changed because mothers have to work too. As people don´t have time to cook, fast food is a cheap option. The way fast food is processed helps create addiction so that the customer comes back again and again. 

McDonald´s  attracts not only small children ( with playgrounds, toys, cartoons and the clown) but also teenagers and adults  who are unaware they are doing harm to their health. Otherwise they wouldn´t consume it so often. Fast food industries don´t really look after the customer. instead they take care of their own business by selling high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and beverages.

It is not surprising the way how Appleton Central Alternative High School managed to control its students behavioural problems by doing fresh preparation and getting rid of candy and soda machines. This example would be followed all over the world if  there was political will to tackle  fast food lobbies, and inform  people and promote healthy eating habits in school canteens.