• Using "Common Types of Interviews" (p.389), share the types of job interviews that you have had with prospective employers.
  • Using "Preparing for a Job Interview" (p.392), share how you prepared for your job interviews.
  • Using "Interviewing for Success" (p.398), share how your job interview went and whether or not you were successful.
  • Using "Following Up After an Interview" (p. 401), share how you followed up after having a job interview.

Expert Answers

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There are many steps to follow in order to have a successful interview.

First, we should examine the different kinds of interviews.  Some interviews are informal.  You walk into a business and fill out an application.  Then you are interviewed.  For a high school student, this may be a common format used.  At some point in your life, you will have a formal interview.  You apply for a job.  Then after a few days, the prospective employer contacts you to set up and interview.

In the second step, you need to prepare for the interview.  Do some research about the company.  Show the potential employer you know about their business.  Develop a list of questions you want to ask the employer in case they ask you if you have any questions.  This shows you are interested and have done your homework.

In the next step, you will have the interview.  Keep in mind, sometimes it is good to interview for jobs just so you get practice at interviewing.  You never know, you just might get hired!!!  There are important things you need to do in the interview.  First, dress for success.  If the job requires formal dress, that is how you should come dressed for the interview.  Also, you should come prepared.  If you have recommendations, a resume, or other papers or materials which show you can do the job, you should have those ready to give the employer.  Be yourself in the interview.  They want to know how you will conduct yourself if you get hired.  Avoid being a phony.  Answer each question honestly.  If you don't know the answer, tell them you will get that information later.  Make eye contact when introducing yourself and when answering questions.   Give a firm handshake at the beginning and at the end of the interview.  Sell your skills and strengths during the interview.  You want them to think you are really going to be a great addition to the company, business, or team.  When they ask you if you have questions, be sure to ask some from the list you made when you did research you on the company.  While the goal is to land the land, don't be discouraged if you don't.  Do a self-analysis of the interview.  Decide what you would do differently the next time.  If they contact you to tell you they aren't hiring you, ask them for reasons why.  Ask them if there was anything you did or said in the interview which could have hurt you.

Finally, after the interview, send a note to the person who interviewed you.  Thank the person for their time.  Tell them you enjoyed the interview, and that you hope to hear from them soon.  This note can be an email or a handwritten note.  I believe the handwritten note is a better method unless there is a quick timeline for a decision to be made.

There are many steps to a successful interview.  Hopefully, you will achieve success and land the job!!!

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