Using the cause/effect principle, how does Fortunato's pride makes him easy prey for Montresor's manipulation and thus lead to his downfall?

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fortunato was a known wine connoisseur and a "fake" connoisseur of many other things. Even Montresor gave him credit when it came to his knowledge of wine. Montresor used Fortunato's pride in his own intelligence and ability to get him to think that going to taste the amontillado was in fact Fortunato's idea. Montresor told Fortunato that he would ask Luchessi because he too knew about wine and Montresor didn't want to bother Fortunato. Montresor's idea to use reverse psychology on Fortunato proved to work. Fortunato played right into the trap because he knew that while Luchessi was knowledgeable in fine wine, he was no match for his own ability. This pride in knowing wine was ultimately the key that led to or was the result of his death. To put the situation in terms of cause and effect, the cause was Fortunato's pride and the effect was his eventual death later that same night. 

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