using an appropriate example, discuss the statement that health is not a monolithic entity.medical sociology

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Health is related to a large number of other issues. Your social class is directly linked to health. Basically, financial health is directly connected to physical health and well-being. What we eat, how often we exercise and family history are all factors.
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If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if health is a stand-alone issue or if it's impacted by other things.  Clearly health is not a monolithic entity.  Health can depend on so many factors, as mentioned above.  A few others include location (near toxic wastes or excessive pollution or other detrimental forces), socio-economic status (poor people often unable to afford healthy foods), lack of education, and employment (working with or in hazardous environments or other harmful professions).  Clearly health is impacted by more than just genetics and heredity.

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I think the best way to look at this question is to compare basic examples of modern (Western) medicine and traditional (Eastern) medicine.  Modern medicine tends to treat symptoms.  A simplified and somewhat extreme example is: someone suffers from headaches.  Modern medicine prescribes asprin.  The headaches continue.  Modern medicine seeks a drug that acts as a more long-term solution.  Traditional (and holistic) medicine on the other hand would look for the cause of the headaches.  They could be due to something as simple as dehydration, blood sugar, or stress.  In seeking the source, traditional medicine will treat the whole person - physically, mentally, and spritually or emotionally.

Another simple example of health as non-monolithic is in the area of weight loss.  Oprah and countless others have sufficiently proven that dieting alone is not a long term solution to weight loss.  In fact, most fitness facilities promote "total health and wellness."  This is achieved through the balance of nutrition, exercise and stress reduction (suddenly made popular by the yoga craze).  To be considered truly "healthy" I think most experts would agree that it is based on the balance of these things (physical, emotional, mental well being).

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