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Using an air canon at 90 degrees, if you shoot an object 6 meters upward in 6.76 seconds, what is its velocity.

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The air cannon is used to shoot an object upwards at 90 degrees to the horizontal. It takes 6.76 seconds to travel 6 m.

Use the formula relating distance, time, acceleration and time `s = u*t + (1/2)*a*t^2` where s is the distance traveled in time t if the initial velocity is u and the acceleration is a.

The values given in the problem are s = 6 m, t = 6.76 s, the acceleration is that due to gravity and equal to 9.8 m/s^2 in the downward direction; u has to be determined.

=> `6 = u*6.76 - (1/2)*9.8*6.76^2`

=> `u ~~ 34.01` m/s

The velocity with which the object is shot upwards is approximately 34.01 m/s

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