Discuss the use of myth in Indian English poetry.

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This is fairly vague and I think more clarification or detail in the question would be able to yield more concrete answers.  I think that the use of myth is fairly unavoidable in Indian English Poetry.  On one hand, a culture that is over thousands of years old, steeped in the notion of oral or spoken tradition, polytheistic with each divine power having the ability to construct themselves as avatars and each containing multiple stories or narratives helps to make the use of myth something that is present through Indian English poetry.  The use of religious mythology is something that permeates the cultural poetry of India.  It is difficult to suggest that it is not present.  The very idea of how one sees themselves in the world has mythic implications.  For example, women might identify with the predicament of the spurned Radha or disrobed Draupadi or the committed Sati in articulating their condition of the world.  The reality is that in a setting as diverse and ecclectic as India the use of mythology and religious iconography in poetry helps to bring some level of common ground to bring about shared experiences and what the article below would title "Collective Aspirations."

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