Use of more evolved/artistic language in literature is beginning to discourage teenagers to indulge in literature as a reader and a writer Isn't the goal of literature to inspire our minds, and boaden the horizon of our imagination? I agree that that learning language skills is equally important. But I understand that teenagers now in all social circles are rapidly losing their fancy of literature, as both, readers and writers.  

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More than a handful of people read the Harry Potter books and the Hunger Games books, wouldn't you say? And why remove the population set that complicates the issue and enriches your inquiry?

It seems better to continue to refine your view and your questions so that your results will be both more accurate and nuanced rather than simplifying the scenario to the point where the answer to your question becomes a truism like, "many people don't like to read." 

You've started out here with an interesting premise. I'd encourage you to continue on and think critically about the issue. 

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Many teens today say, "I'll just watch the movie when it comes out," when referring to today's literature. If asked to read a classic, they also ask if there's a movie to go along with it. One might argue that movies defeat the purpose of spending time reading the piece of literature, but I've found myself thinking the same thing once in awhile.  But reading and writing are not for everyone just like math and science aren't for everyone. There will always be those who rise to the challenge in any field to accomplish its work and keep it going. Teens eventually grow up and their brains mature to a point where they will seek out the knowledge and understanding that interests them.

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Given the popularity of The Hunger Games and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo among younger readers I have a hard time drawing the same conclusion you're drawing, grush249. 

Though literature does sometimes present a verbally oriented challenge and can potentially skew a person's view of literature toward an idea of work instead of pleasure, there are plenty of books being written today and books from the past which are easily accessible.

Also, many of the readers who are interested in writing as well will enjoy the challenge and continue to fancy the idea of mastering language in such a way as to allow them to create literature of their own. 

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