In The Use of Force, why does the doctor say, "as often, in such cases"? What sort of cases does he mean??

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Use of Force, the doctor says “as often in such cases” because he has encountered similar instances where he has had to use force rather than reasoned professionalism to carry out his duty.

He is referring to cases where persuasion has failed and the patient is uncooperative. In such instances, the doctor is left with no option but to use any other means at his disposal to carry out his duty, which usually means forcefully subduing the patient. This may arise when the patient does not comprehend the importance of the task the doctor has to perform. The doctor, understanding the importance of his task for the well-being of the patient and others, has to go beyond rational limits and use forceful means.

In this book, the doctor has to forcefully carry out a test on a little girl despite her resistance. The girl, despite her manipulative attempts to stop the doctor from performing his duty by screaming, gets tested for diphtheria.

The doctor has to forcefully subdue the little girl and insert a spoon in her mouth for him to carry out his test. The use of force on the little girl gives you the sense that the doctor is aggressive given his pleasure after his ‘’victory” over the little girl. It is evident that he has used such methods before.

kandi125 | Student

The use of force involves the use of physical restraint – usually by a member or members of a law enforcement agency such as a police force – to gain control of an unruly person or situation.

To begin with the use of the phrase 'use of force' is not appropriate when talking about doctors' orders/prescriptions or doctors' insistence on lifestyle changes. Doctors can only suggest changes they believe will reduce patients symptoms and prescribe medication to lessen the pain that their patients might be feeling. Use of force is usually a term associated with the actions of a police force or other military body of a country.

In regards to doctors use of the phrase 'in such cases'. This phrase is said when a patient is discussing a health issue with their doctor and the patient's pre-existing health condition inhibits their ability to take certain medication as it will cause complications. For example, the patient has the flu and is also pregnant, the doctor might say in such a case I will recommend blah blah cough syrup for you as this cough syrup does contain any known substances that will affect the baby.

When a doctor says 'as often' he means that you should reduce the number of times you do a particular activity. For instance, you should not dance as often until your broken toe has healed.

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