Use figurative language to describe yourself (at least 5 sentences).

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Figurative language is language that uses figures of speech to be more effective and impactful. There are a lot of different kinds of figurative language, but some of the most common are metaphors and similes. Imagery, personification, and alliteration are also quite common types of figurative language.

I can't write five sentences that describe you, because I don't know you. I recommend starting with similes and metaphors. These devices force you to compare yourself with something else. A simile will make the comparison using the words "like" or "as." More than likely, you and your friends have gotten into a conversation that was about which animals each person most resembles. Start there. Compare yourself to an animal: "I look like a jackal and laugh like one too." You can describe your hair or eye color and compare it to an object of equal color. "My hair is black as coal." "My eyes are blue like the tropical waters of Tahiti." You could probably focus on body parts alone and make comparisons using similes to complete this assignment. The body parts are concrete images/nouns, so they tend to be easy to compare another thing with.

Metaphors probably work better for personality traits. "When it comes to confrontation, I am a scared little mouse." "My gift is singing. I am a regular Michael Buble when it comes to rhythm and blues."

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