Use examples to explain the concepts of manager as motivator and coach in a way that will help these. new supervisors fulfill the duties of their job

krishna-agrawala | Student

A very important part of functions of a manager responsible for getting the best performance out of a group of subordinates is to motivate them to work towards the achievement of the organizational objectives. But motivation alone is not enough to ensure effective performance. The subordinates must be knowledgeable and skilled enough to perform their jobs effectively. Often the subordinates need supervision and guidance to acquire these capabilities during their work in the organization> The managers also needs to act as coach to his team so that the team members learn and develop as per their work requirements.

This need for coaching varies from one subordinate to another also from time to time for the same subordinates. For example, a fresh graduate without any previous experience of selling will need greater support from his sales manager as compared to that needed by someone with few years of selling  experience. The need for coaching the fresh graduate will decrease with time. However there may be special occasions such as dealing with a  particularly difficult customer, when again need for help from supervisor arise.

The managers mus coach their subordinates not only to perform their existing duties better, but also to prepare them for taking up higher position in the organization. If an assistant sales manager expects to get promoted to the position of manager, perhaps it will be wise to coach one or more of his sales persons to take up the responsibilities of assistant sales manager.