Use cloning as an example of a scientific development and indicate briefly what moral and ethical issues are raised?Use cloning as an example of a scientific development and indicate briefly what...

Use cloning as an example of a scientific development and indicate briefly what moral and ethical issues are raised?

Use cloning as an example of a scientific development and indicate briefly what moral and ethical issues are raised?

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mrs-campbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main issues that people tend to have with the idea of cloning come from society's generalized belief that people have a soul.  If you are religious, you believe that soul comes from God, and that he created it, along with your individual and unique human body.  Cloning raises these questions along these lines:  How can humans create life when God is the giver of it?  Would the cloned person have the same personality--would the soul be cloned too, or would this be a soulless entity that is not of God?  Is cloning "playing God," or dangerously taking those creation powers into our own hands?

Other issues that might be raised on a scientific level is whether or not cloned humans would be healthy and whole, or have serious health issues that would lead to a diminished quality of life?  Also, along the psychological side of things, how would a cloned person feel about being cloned?  Would they have identity issues?  Esteem issues?  Existential issues?  And along the lines of society and culture, would they live as a "lower class" type of race that would be discriminated against because they aren't "original," or vice-versa?

All of these issues in and of themselves can take up pages and pages so I hope that helps to get you started.  Good luck!

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The moral issue of cloning arises from the idea that scientist are trying to play God. Many religious people wonder if there is any right to try to re-build genetics and examine what they consider is sacrosanct and unique to God. That is mainly where the moral issues begin.

The ethical issues regarding cloning are based on rights. Whether there are or not human rights of individuals to have parts of their bodies cloned for science, or the rights of animals whose body parts will be cloned to be put into humans.

In essence, morals have to do with the religiosity of the human body as a machine created by God and not to be messed with, and the ethical issue has to do with rights.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Cloning is a scientific development because it is the natural result of our efforts to learn about the human body. We have always wanted to control how life is created. All we needed was the scientific ability to do so. Should we create life just so we can mess with it? That is the moral question. Clones would never be treated as equals, and therein lies your ethical quandary. What gives us the right to create a subservient race?
krishna-agrawala | Student

The practice of cloning has been used in the field of horticulture for many centuries and is now a well established and well accepted science with no basic ethical issues opposing this practice itself. The practice of culturing of single cell organism is also basically cloning and there are no ethical issues involved. But when it comes to cloning of multicell animals the things are quite different.

The scientific methods of cloning complex animals such as sheep have been developed and used in limited way. But these methods are still not perfected for wide use and for cloning on a big scale.

One of the main ethical opposition to the animal cloning is that it is just one step from cloning of babies. There are some serious ethical issues involved with cloning of babies. For my views on this subject please refer the link given below.

Some people have labeled animal cloning as something against the will of God or against the nature. I personally disagree with such logic. First, if someone like God exist than nothing in this world can take place against the will of God. Second, every technological device or process is a deviation from what exists in the nature. Than why pick out limited technological  developments like animal cloning. Why not, for example, oppose all kind of medical treatment involving surgical procedures or things like a pacemaker to regulate the heart beat, even the plain spects used for improving vision.