use of the chloridesthe exactly use of some of them

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One more example is disulfur dichloride, which is used for the vulcanization of the rubber material, or phosphorus trichloride, which is one of the chlorinating reagents used in some of the science laboratories

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I do not have the exact count of all the chlorides we use, but these must run into hundreds. Of course the most commonly used chloride is sodium chloride, the common salt. Another common chloride is hydrochloric acid (HCL). Hydrochloric acid is also produced in human bodies and aids in digestion.

Then we have the complete range of poly-vinyl-chlorides, commonly called PVC. These come in a very wide range of varieties and are used as raw material for making almost a limit less range of products.

Silver chloride was widely used in photography, but with use of electronic camera the situation has changes.

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Dichloromethane, methylene chloride, CH2Cl2, are manufactured by direct chlorination of methane and serves as solvent.

Chloroform, CHCl3, is prepared from ethyl alcohol or acetone by heating with a solution of chloride of lime.

Alcohol is first oxidized by chloride of lime in acetaldehyde, which is then transformed by chlorination in tricloracetaldehida or chlorine. Instead of alcohol it is used today, as raw materials, acetaldehyde also, which is easily obtained.

Acetone reacts the same, giving first triclorcetona, Cl3CCOCH3, which is separating in chloroform and acetic acid.  Chloroform serves as solvent for fats, resins, sulfur, etc.. It is first used as organic narcotic combination , making possible the development of modern surgery.Chloroform, exposed to air, is auto-oxydize and contains small amounts of  COCl2, which is toxic and  can cause accidents during narcosis.

This reaction is completely inhibited by a small addition of alcohol (1%).

Iodoform, CHI3, is obtained in similar manner with chloroform, treating alcohol or acetone with a solution of iodine in sodium hydroxide. Reaction is as important analytical method for recognizing this CH3CHOH or CH3CO groups in a molecule. It's forming yellow crystals at 119 degrees and a strong odor.

Carbon tetrachloride is a liquid incombustible, highly stable against air, light, heat, moisture, various chemical agents, including chlorine. It serves as a solvent and liquid filling in fire extinctors .

The main use of clorethan is in the manufacture of lead-tetraethyl. May serve as a  narcotic in medicine.