Use an example to describe what is meant by motivation within a creative environment.     

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that motivation within a creative environment is one whereby an individual is able to convince others of sharing their vision and galvanizing individuals into action.  I would point to coach Pat Riley's book, Showtime, as an example of motivation within a creative environment.  Riley's book is an example of how someone in the position of leadership can inspire individuals within a creative environment.  In this case, the creative environment is a basketball team.  Riley talks about how motivation has to work on a professional and personal level, in that individuals who are truly motivated experience this sensation on both levels.  They "buy" into what is being taught, and the motivation is internal.  Motivation in this creative environment is not external, and not outside of oneself.  Rather, it is internal and individuals have to accept its presence on both levels in order to feel sufficiently creative and inspired to do the best work posssible.  In Riley's case, it resulted in his players believing in his message and in one another in order to achieve the best result: Unrivaled success on the basketball court.