What are the codes to change the usb font colours?i mean the colour of the files's name?  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

On a Mac, this is quite easy.  If you are looking to highlight the file's name in different colors for recognition purposes, you will have to make sure you know on which file you wish to change color.  Click on the file, so that it "looks" different from the rest of the screen and to indicate that this is the file you wish to change.  On my screen, the highlighted file will appear in a darker color blue surrounding the font.  While it is highlighted, proceed to "File" and click on it.  You should see a drop down screen.  Go to "Label" and then there is a selection of colors, an array from which you can choose to highlight the font of the file in question.  At this point, the file should be a different color from all else. I am not entirely familiar with how this is going to work on a PC, but I have attached a link that discussed how to color code all your files, the color surrounding the font, on Windows, which should help out a bit.