Are US nurses allowed to perform by themselves small surgical procedures that only require local anesthetics and suturing a 4" incision made in the scalp? 

clarinet500 | Student

I do not think so, because they are not medical doctors.  They have not completed the proper schooling that is required of medical doctors required to be qualified to perform any type of surgery.  They are also not anesthesiologists, and anesthesia is a difficult aspect of completing a surgery.  There are people that go to school for a long time so that they can learn the ways of anesthesia.  It is a very difficult science that, if done wrong, it would cause death.  The dose of anesthesia has to be scrupulously calculated.  People are very meticulous with this sort of thing.  If a patient revieves too much medicine, they could die or have complications, and if there is too little, they could wake up during surgery.  So in short, no.  I hope this helps.