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Is the US an empire?

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Yes, the United States of America is an empire. All empires throughout history have had immense lands, vast trade networks, and influence in international policy. The United States controls a large portion of the North American continent, as well as islands in the Pacific such as Hawaii and American Samoa. The US controls much of the world's trade—the New York Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the world, and its rises and falls influence trade in Europe and Asia. American culture also helps drive foreign markets, as American multinational corporations such as McDonald's and Disney are considered international brands.

The US is also a key player in international foreign policy. The US is expected to take the lead role in fighting ISIS. The UN is based in the United States, and American troops made up the majority of NATO-led missions in Bosnia and the Middle East. American-made munitions are considered the standard for many armies. The US is also one of the leaders in combating weapons of mass destruction and nuclear proliferation. The US is not only an empire, but, due to its political, cultural, and economic influence, one of the largest empires in world history.  

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