Can anyone please provide me with a study guide for Christos Tsiolkas's novel Dead Europe?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Christos Tsiolkas is an Australian author. He has won several literature awards and his novel Loaded was adapted into the film Head On.

There is not a lot of information online about his novel Dead Europe. It is not even available at Amazon, except as an eBook with only one review. I could not find any sort of study guide. Some digging produced the reviews listed as references below; the review is the most in-depth.

A brief summary of the novel:

Isaac is a Greek-Australian photographer. He travels to Athens to present his work in a retrospective of Greek culture; his presentation is a failure and he finds himself unable to properly communicate with his former friends. He then travels across Europe, taking pictures of a Europe whose people have become anything but European; their traditions and actions clash and there is no sense of unity or belonging. He meets strangers who may or may not be supernatural. His photographs show ghosts. Towards the end of the book, Isaac's lack of empathy and disconnection with a continent he cannot relate to leads him to become something less-than-human, culminating in a taste for blood and a feverish ending where his mother and lover care for him, possibly at the cost of their souls. There is also a running subplot that deals with Isaac's ancestors, who were responsible for a brutal, Anti-Semitic murder, which becomes the catalyst for everything that follows.

Three academic papers are listed at the bottom of the eNotes Wiki article, which go into more detail. These should be considered as reference material only, and not used as primary sources.