Upon seeing Grendel’s bloody arm winging high from the “gold-shining roof” of Herot, what is Hrothgar’s proclamation?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hrothgar proclaims that from now on he shall love Beowulf as a son. Beowulf shall lack nothing as long as Hrothgar can provide it, He says, “Now, Beowulf, best of heroes, I shall heartily love you as if you were mine own son. Preserve this new friendship from this time forth. Nothing in the world that you desire will you lack, so long as it is within my power." Hrothgar continues by saying Beowulf shall be known as a hero through "all the ages" and endswith a blessing on Beowulf," May the Almighty ever reward you with good, just as He has now done!”

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