In regards to Lord of the Flies (up to Ch. 5), if Piggy could talk to his aunty, what would he say about the circumstances on the island?

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think at first he would be excited by the adventure offered in his situation. He has the chance to completely start over with people who don't know him. Also, he's in a position to put his knowledge to various uses. He might brag about how the signal fire was his idea, & about how his knowledge of the conch allowed all the boys to come together in some semblance of order and society. He would also feel proud that his glasses were used to start the fire. I think he would tell her how Ralph is his best friend, & boast about how Ralph trusts him & follows only his advice.

I also think he'd complain about Jack, maybe explain that he's got a bad feeling about Jack's personality. Of course, after the events of Chapter 4, he'd talk about Jack's cruelty & violence, and mention the injustice of Jack punching him. He'd also complain about the failure of the shelters, & Ralph's refusal to listen to his idea about the sundial. Finally, he'd tell her that he's worried about the direction the boys are turning, and that he's afraid for their safety and their lives.

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