Up to chapter 4 in "Lord of the Flies", explain the nature of Simon's experience and feelings regarding the island.

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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon represents faith. He is the only one who really is clear in his mind amid all the fear and confusion. Simon sees the experiences on the island for what they are...he faces fear, the unknown,and uncertainty with the strength only those that are clear of mind can. Simon is in "tune" with the island, he does not possess the same feelings as the others. He is almost able to commune with his earthly surroundings. Simon believes in hanging on to the "hope" that the boys will be rescued from their situation. He is so concerned with the "other" boys that when he tries to educate them with regard to the "beast", the boys kill him. Simon represents the individual who pays the ultimate sacrifice in hope that the rest will survive.

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