In "The Lord of the Flies," what trait do Jack, Roger, Johnny, Henry, and Maurice share?Beginning to chapter 5:  is it distinguishable in degrees of seriousness and danger?

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ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Up to Chapter 5, Jack, Roger, Johnny, Henry and Maurice all share a conditioning by society that is beginning to break down. Jack and Roger are, of course, the first to allow their evil side to show and to break away from the confines of civilization. Percival, Johnny, and Henry, are three littluns who suffer from fear of the beast at night but play happily during the day. At the beginning of Chapter 4, they are playing on the beach. Soon Roger and Maurice begin to harass the boys, kicking over their sand-castles and throwing stones near them. These events foreshadow the actual violence Roger and Maurice will use later in the novel to threaten Ralph and Piggy. All of these boys' conditioning by society will break down eventually as they turn more and more into little savages.

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