In the book Unwind by Neal shusterman, how has Connor changed since the beginning of the book? Why has he changed this way?

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Connor begins the book as an impulsive and rebellious child.  That rebellious streak is the main reason that Connor's parents are having him unwound.  It's also what saves his life.  Had Connor simply sat at home, the unwind police would have taken Connor.  That would not have made for a very fun read.  Instead, Connor slips out during the night, hides in a truck at a truck stop, causes a major freeway accident, and kidnaps a kid named Lev.  All in the first chapter!  

Connor is for a sure a fighter as well.  He very much hates the societal system that exists, and he wants to fight against it by escaping.  But the way that Connor fights is probably the biggest change in him from the beginning of the novel to the end of the novel.  When the novel begins, Connor is incredibly selfish.  He only wants to watch out for himself.  His life is the most important life.  By the end of the novel though, he sees his life as equal to the other unwinds.  He is still just as much of a fighter and a rebel as ever, but at the end of the novel those character traits are focused on a larger goal.  The goal of helping other escaped unwinds.