What does everyone say is unusual when they arrive on the island?

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter Two describes the arrival of the eight guests on the island. The guests are met by Thomas and Ethel Rogers, the butler and cook/housekeeper respectively.

Agatha Christie lets us in on the thoughts of the guests as they arrive on the island. Most everyone thinks it is unusual that there will be only eight guests on the island and that they seem to be such a mismatched group. No one seems to have anything in common with each other, in terms of class, profession, or personal inclinations. Furthermore, what is even more unnerving to the guests is the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Rogers have never met their employers, the Owens. All the guests definitely find it unusual that neither the host or hostess is there to greet them as they arrive on the island; Justice Wargrave comes right out and voices his perplexity at this state of affairs to Dr. Armstrong.

One of the guests, Anthony Marston, finds it odd to be invited to the island to spend time with such a strange group of people. It's not his usual crowd, and he feels uneasy. Meanwhile, Vera finds it strange that Mr. and Mrs. Rogers arrived on the island only two days prior to everyone else's arrival. Dr. Armstrong and Justice Wargrave are immediately wary of each other when they meet; General Macarthur is equally suspicious of Lombard. Meanwhile, Emily Brent tells Vera that she has never met Mr. Owen, the man who supposedly invited everyone else to the island. Prior to everyone's arrival, Blore unwittingly makes everyone feel ill at ease when he says that they must not keep their hosts waiting.

At dinner, Anthony Marston comments about the ten little figures on the table. Vera then exclaims that the figures represent the ten little Indian boys of the nursery rhyme in her room. Subsequently, everyone proclaims that they have a copy of the rhyme hanging up in a frame in their respective rooms. It is not long after this when a strange voice lists all the crimes the ten people on the island have committed.