Until Act III, Antony has barely figured in Julius Caeasar. How have other characterized him? Do you agree? Why or why not?

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Clearly, Brutus underestimated Antony. Even though Cassius felt they should kill Antony too, Brutus felt otherwise. Cassius did not want Antony to speak at the memorial for Caesar. Again, Brutus felt that giving Antony permission to speak would be harmless.

Ultimately, Brutus was wrong. Obviously, he had no idea what Antony would say at the funeral. Had he known that Antony would stir the people to a murderous frenzy, Brutus would have reconsidered allowing Antony to speak. He should have listend to Cassius. Cassius was worried that Antony would cause trouble for the conspirators.

Also, the reader is also unprepared for the speech that Antony made. No one expected Antony to be so effective in his speech. Until Caesar's death, Antony had been relatively quiet. After Caesar's death, Antony becomes the Caesar's angel, in much the way Brutus had been at one time.

Finally, Brutus did want to appear as butchers when Cassius insisted they kill Antony as well. In the end, Brutus was wrong about Antony and it costs him his life.

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