university wits Write a critical note on "UNIVERSITY WITS"? plz answer in detail    

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hmmmm, what a strange idea to contemplate!  I have two thoughts about what you might mean by this.  You could mean professors in college or friends in college that we know personally that could be considered a great "wit" in a particular subject.  You could also mean the actual group known as the "University Wits" who were rivals of Shakespeare.

I take it that because you want a "critical note" you are referring to the latter.  The "University Wits," the most famous of whom were Marlowe and Camberidge, rivaled Shakespeare in many ways.  Some of them called him names publicly.  Some scholars attest that Shakespeare actually WAS some (or at least one) of these guys.  Generally, they were playwrights who lived in the 1500s who were good at their craft due to a university education.  Shakespeare and Kyd, who did not go to college and were self-taught, made fun of the group because of its elite quality.