Is the United States really a land of opportunity?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I can see that you are a bit worried. Of late, the economy has been difficult and there seems to be little hope for change. In other words, what will lift our economy and bring more jobs? We still have an 8.5% unemployment rate.

In my opinion, the United States is and will be a land of opportunity for three reasons.

First, America has been through tough times in the past and it prevailed. I believe that we can find a solution this time as well. So, we have history on our side.

Second, if we look at the world from a comparative point of view, then we are better off than any other nation. Just the fact that we have a president of color says a lot. America is still the best place on earth to live.

Third, America has a great strength that other nations lack. We have a influx of immigrants. For this reason, we can cull from the best.

truthseekah | Student

Yes and no. While it has been much easier to attain wealth in the US vs. many other countries, it definitely not as advantageous now.

We are currently dealing with bubble after bubble of debt created in many areas of governments and the private sector.  These bubbles have previously been ignored, which is why they have grown exponentially like the derivatives market.  Without an exception, these bubbles were created by corporate greed and deceipt.  Meanwhile we continue to bail out the very companies involed in criminal behavior.

The US has a Capitalism/Corporatism system, which is socialism for big business and capitalism for the rest of us.  There is no doubt that the corporate giants have a platoon of lobbyist and resources that, in one way or another, pay politicians to get their legislation through into law.  By doing so, more times than not, their companies or industries get preferencial treatment.  What's more, these corporations have  former employees work within the government organizations who regulate their industries. Also, government regulators many times receive prominent jobs at the corporations they had governed. With this socialistic form of preference, it makes it extremely difficult to compete with the big boys.

Not many Americans know that the Federal Reserve is a privately owned conglomerate of elite bankers that are not regulated and there is no government oversight.  This is pretty suspect for an organization in control of our currency.  The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.  Once the Fed can be fully audited, then Americans will be shown the real cause of our financial problems in this country, at which point we can put an end to this cartel of bankers' control over our currency.  Only then will this country truly be able to wear the label "Land of Opportunity".

jojoman18 | Student

Ofcours it is. I could say it is the number one country in the world in terms of business and financial opportunity. Many doors are opened waiting for anyone to just step in.