Unethical firms and individuals, like high rollers in Las Vegas, are eventually wiped out financially.

Is this statement right or wrong? if yes why? if no, why not?

Expert Answers

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There is some truth in this statement, as can be seen in the fates of various companies and individuals in the US that have been "wiped out."  We can see this in the collapse of Enron and the eventual criminal prosecution of Bernie Madoff.

As a categorical statement about all firms and people, however, this seems much harder to support.  For example, we have Martha Stewart, who was convicted of charges related to insider trading and who has not been wiped out.  We have various banks and other financial institutions that have (arguably) acted unethically in terms of the actions they took before the financial crisis and/or their use of government bailout money and which are still thriving.  For that matter, we have companies in the US and elsewhere that made money dealing with Hitler's regime and which still exist.  These examples seem to indicate that not all unethical firms and individuals eventually get wiped out.

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