Assess the veracity of the following statement:  Uncle Khosrove added some extra delight to "The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse."

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that if one were to prove the statement true, it would have to rest in his statements about the nature of reality.  The idea of "pay no attention to it," helps to bring about the overall feeling that one cannot ask or deliberately aim for control.  Rather, it is something that lies outside of human reach.  I think that he brings this out in his mannerisms.  The fact that he, as a character, lies outside the reach of the audience helps to add to this.  I think that this is where he becomes a character that adds some richness to the characterizations in Saryoan's story.  The entire emotional dynamic of the Garoghlanian tribe is one marked by the richness of character and the idea that there are distinct personalities present, helping to continue and establish a culture that is estranged from its home and seeking to make its roots in this new area.  I think that in this light, Uncle Khosrove becomes a delightful character in this regard.  I would probably suggest that his character does add richness to a characterization setting that is ripe with distinct and unique personalities.

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