Is Umuofia a village or is it a district? in some parts of the novel, Umuofia is said to b a village, and in others, it is said to b a group of the nine villages.

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chloemink eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think Umuofia is a village. The story of the novel Things Fall Apart takes place in the Nigerian village of Umuofia in the late 1880s, before missionaries and other outsiders have arrived.

givingiswinning | Student

 a village 

atyourservice | Student

It is a village the other 8 villages are just neighboring villages, they only come together when there is a proposal, a wrestling match, or a meeting with the egwugwu.

revolution | Student

I am not that sure about the type of place Umuofia is called. First, they said that it is a cluster of nine villages in Niger, which means a district but in other sources, it said that it was an village in the 1880s

zaynah | Student

I think that it is a village...where there are villagers..because if we pay attention to the novel we can see that it is mostly said to be a village. if it's saying a group of nine villagers already we can see that there is the word villagers n we call people villagers only when they live in a village so i think that it is a village..

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