If you write about a vampire and someone guesses his secret, what would you say about his becoming one? Sorry I keep asking questions like this, but the last time i asked you guys were so helpful. Thank you! Xx

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In light of the additional information you have provided, and assuming that the girl is also in love with the boy, the usual ways these stories wind up is either the girl loves the boy so much that he lets him bite her so that she, too can be a vampire, the girl leaves the boy, even though she loves him, the boy tells the girl he is a vampire, but then leaves her for her own good, or they both kill themselves like Romeo and Juliet, choosing death as opposed to living apart.

Ho hum. Been there, done that. Why don't you get really creative and make up a totally different story and ending? I will offer some possibilities, and you can take it from there! Use your imagination and write something really out-of-the-box:

  1. The girl just so happens to be a chemistry nerd and decides to go to work to find a formula that can turn the boy back into a normal person.
  2. The girl happens to be a biology nerd and finds a special type of substance that the boy can drink that takes the place of blood - some sort of compound that satisfies his need for blood, without being blood.
  3. The girl and boy both become astronauts and colonize another planet, where vampirism cannot survive in the planet's atmosphere, and they live happily ever after.
  4. The girl wakes up and finds it is all a dream and no one is a vampire, neither the boy, her mother, etc.

You get the idea! Good luck.

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It definitely helps to have a bit more context. Does the girl realize that she is a vampire (or part vampire) and if so how does this affect her in terms of her expected life span. Will she stop aging or is she basically mortal? These are some largewr questions to consider, but what I would suggest is that you have him take her somewhere that is special to both of them and confide in her - a true heart to heart talk, for example - that could, possibly, be interrupted the first time by some sort of obstacle - a dangerous encounter of some kind would give you a chance to let him SHOW her more than tell her - she could then run awau from him in fear but he can draw her back again and convince her to talk to him.

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This is an interesting question. I assume that you are doing some creative fiction writing? If so, the first piece of advice that I would give you is to use proper English as opposed to "text-speech" even when asking questions in a forum such as this one. It will help people to take you more seriously as a writer.

That said, I think the answer to this question lies in what direction you plan to take with the story. Is the character who guessed the truth a friend or an enemy? This will have an impact on the way that your character answers. Let's assume, for the moment, that the character is a friend. Is this a friend who can be trusted with such a big secret? If so, then your vampire might confide in this character and relate a tale of, perhaps, having met another vampire under much similar circumstances. Perhaps this is a love story? Perhaps your vampire was made by another vampire with whom he or she had fallen in love? This is just one option. If you could give us a bit more of the background to go on, I would be more than happy to share additional ideas with you!

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