If the U.S. were invaded...If the United States were invaded today by another country, what do you think would change?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is really an impossible question to answer.

First of all, the idea of another country invading the US is pretty ridiculous.

But more than that, it really depends on how successful such an invasion was and what country was invading.  As you answer this question for yourself, you have to decide these things.

If another country invaded and actually took the US over, things would obviously change.  How they would change is a different story.  It would depend on which country took us over.  But I would expect at least that we would have fewer liberties, especially at first.

If another country invaded and we were at war trying to repel the invasion, that would be different.  A major war like that would affect us in so many ways -- ways America has not experienced since WWII.


mikejol eNotes educator| Certified Educator

An invasion of the United States by another major world power, although highly unlikely, would require the US to refocus its military energy on the defense of the country. The US would have to abandon its current occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan and refocus on defending against this new aggressor. Certainly, a concerted effort to repel the invasion would take place, war would be declarded, and the largest military power in the world would mobilize. The question presupposes that the invasion would be successful, when in fact, the likelihood of that happening is infinitesimal. Because of this relatively low likelihood of success, the US is instead the target of terrorist plots to create fear in the minds of American citizens. The US is at much greater risk for acts of terror than an all out military invasion.

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Oh, I don't know, those Canadians can get pretty uppity, especially if you beat their olympic hockey team.  Both the United States and Russia are large enough and isolated enough that it is pretty much impossible to invade them with conventional ground forces.  The only way to conquer them in the modern era is to destroy them with nuclear weapons.

As pohnpei argues, if it were to happen, we could expect that we would no longer have a democracy.  You could also expect, whether the war continued or we were completely occupied, that our standard of living would drop dramatically.  Also, remember that the United States has approximately 230 million guns in private hands, so whether it was violent resistance or just plain violence, we could expect this to be a much more dangerous place to live.

marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
If the U.S. were invaded...

If the United States were invaded today by another country, what do you think would change?

  Well, we've already been invaded in 2001 and lots of things did change.  We now have tighter security in airports and government facilities, stricter ID checks for everyone, a well-managed Homeland Security force, an excellent Incident Management System for domestic and international crime and emergency incidents, and better protection for critical infrastructures nationwide.  We just need to keep at the plans we've implemented and we'll probably be ok.

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you think back to 9/11 things changed quite dramatically then. Americans became more American in a sense as the country united together when this horrible event happened.

If the United States were full blown invaded, I think that whomever invaded us would be in big trouble. America is a very strong country and would most certainly not sit by and let it happen. The US also has many allies that would come to assist us.

Americans are devoted and believe in their country. Many Americans own guns and would fight and die for their freedom.

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first thing that would undoubtedly change is our Intelligence agencies as we know them. There is no way that, at this point in time and with the levels of caution that we have established, to allow another 9/11. However, should that STILL happen, I can definitely see everyone in the NSA, CIA, DoD and the others getting fired, disgraced, and extradited to another country never to return to America.

Which is what they should have done the FIRST time.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think it is highly unlikely that the US would be invaded. But for argument sake if it were invaded I think it would be a long process for another country to actually take control of the US.

silverback15 | Student

I know I'm late and no one may reaf this but one thing to consider, as already stated, is who is invading. Secondly, what kind of campaign have this invasion force implemented. The more likely tactic would be various means of UW. Over time that could very well weaken our defenses and resources. Also a very key element could be govt cooperation. If our govt capitulates we could very well become a vassal to any rival superpower or coalition of nations. 

darwin12 | Student

I know a lot of people talk about China as being a threat, but they really are not. YES they have good technology, YES they have a HUGE population and military, but NO they still would not win in an invasion against the USA. Here's why. Right now their military has been estimated to be around 4-7 million, which is quite large. They have another 300 million people that are of the correct age to fight in a war, which means they could probably drum up another 10 million if they needed to without hurting their economy to bad. Even this would put them at 17 million vs a minimum of 80 million armed citizens. This is NOT EVEN CONSIDERING the United States Military and our advanced technology. Assuming the entire US Military just disappeared, they would still be screwed trying to invade the USA and holding onto it.  Another problem is logistics, they simply dont have the resources to move that many troops around and to keep them all fed and supplied. You do not need to worry about anyone invading the United States. The only two things you need to worry about is 1. A nuclear strike against the United States, which unfortunately would result in the automated launch of our nuclear weapons creating an instant doomsday scenario, or 2. The United States destroying itself from within, which is at present, by far the most likely scenario.

darwin12 | Student
If the U.S. were invaded...

If the United States were invaded today by another country, what do you think would change?

Here are the facts, you think Afghanistan or Vietnam was bad? The USA is estimated to have over 80 million gun owners, this is an estimate because in the US, most states allow you to freely buy and sell rifles and shotguns without having to report it to the government.  These 80 million gun owners are in possession of over 300 million firearms, thats enough to arm just about every man women and baby in the country.  This 300 million doesn't even take into consideration the number of weapons transported into America illegally which is also substantial. Furthermore of all of the new weapons manufactured in the world each year, Americans buy over half of them.  Thats a lot of armed citizens.  To put this into perspective, the entire population of the UK is roughly 61 million, this includes every soldier, man, women and child in the country. Their ENTIRE population doesn't even match the amount of armed citizens in the US, let alone the US Military. 

krishna-agrawala | Student

I believe the topic relates to the question of how US should react to an invasion of its territories in a major war offensive.

The appropriate responses would very much depend on the nature of the capabilities of the invader and the invasion itself. The causes and objective of invasion also would be important consideration in formulating appropriate US response.

It is no use assuming these conditions of invasion based on world situation as it exists today. Assumption of invasion of US by any of the existing countries will be as meaningless as any suggestions to deal with such invasion.