Which of the following is true of the Cold War policy of containment? The U.S cold war policy of containment A. meant that the U.S would not allow communism to grow any further. B. meant that the Soviets were to be kept out of China. C. was the cheapest way to fight communism. D. meant all of the above. My answer for this is D base the class note I've been given. "...The British were no longer economically able to support the two beleaguered nations and Truman stepped in. Spending $100 million dollars in support (often called the Truman Doctrine), Truman kept both nations free of communism—though not exactly ideal democracies. Through similar efforts throughout western Europe with the Marshall Plan, and the creation of NATO and the Berlin Airlift, the American policy of “Containment” was born. This was idea that while there would be no offensives to remove the Soviets from countries where communism already existed, it would not be allowed to expand beyond its present boundaries. Containment worked very well. In Asia in the same time period, Japan was converted to an economically powerful ally by rebuilding the nation as a capitalist democracy, China was lost to communism and Korea was (and still is) and uneasy tie, with the North being communist and the South being non-communist."

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If this question is supposed to refer to the time period before 1949, D is the best answer.  After 1949, A is the best answer.

A is clearly correct for all times during the Cold War.  Containment was the doctrine of containing communism where it was and not letting it expand farther.  Up until 1949, this would have included China since China was not communist in 1949.  Containment was certainly a cheaper way to fight communism than actually going to war to try to destroy communism where it already existed. 

Therefore, D is the best answer.  However, if you know that you are only talking about the time after 1949, A is the best answer.

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