if u had to give the nobel peace prize to someone, who would u give it to and why??if u had to give the nobel peace prize to someone, who would u give it to and why??

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This would be my nomination if we were in the middle of the civil war back in 1864. As a Georgia/Alabama border resident I would certainly think that Father Peter Whelan would have deserved  the Nobel Peace Prize.

Father Wheland was born in Ireland, County Wexford. After he was ordained he became a priest in the Benedictine Order of Charleston, South Carolina.

He became a chaplain for the Montgomery Guards during the Civil War. When the Union soldiers took over his regiment, he was taken prisoner, and after some time the Bishop ordered him to be the chaplain of all confederate soldiers, which sent him to Andersonville, GA.

Andersonville was a concentration camp for Union soldiers. He was a confederate. The captain of Andersonville was killed for crimes against humanity due to the horrible way those soldiers were treated, not any different than the Jews in the Holocaust.

Father Whelan was required to administer last rites. Yet, he did much more. Every soldier of every denomination, in the middle of their pain, hunger, cold, and desperation would beg him to pray with them, and he provided comfort, love, and care. He would help them in their state. The only reason why he couldn't feed nor cloth them was because there was simply no money. But, instead of staying in his comfy room or pretending to pray, day by day he walked the walk with the soldiers who were prisoners and he recognized no religious difference, no rank separation, and he never took sides. To this day, we see writings of the POW's remembering this man who gave them hope, and it is even said that his ghost continues to walk the ruins of Andersonville, trying to take care of any coming soldier in distress.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that the Nobel Prize should be awarded to an individual who is actively involved with struggles that should be brought to a larger attention of the world.  In my mind, the struggle in the Sudan and the atrocities being committed without the light of public condemnation is something that the Nobel Prize should highlight.  I would say that Fatima Ahmed Ibrahim could be a figure who could win the Nobel Prize.  She is an activist in the region who is fighting the ruling party in Sudan, causing the war which is tearing apart her country and causing massive upheaval throughout the region.  She is a member of the banned Sudanese Women's Union, and while she fights for the rights of her country, she also fights for the rights of women in it.  Battling both of these challenging elements would make her a worthy candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At first, I thought, "oh, that's easy."  But then it occurs to me that there aren't really that many good candidates, are there?

One possibility, I guess, would be Bono.  He has been nominated for the prize before, and I think that he at least tries to do a lot of things that deserve recognition with his work to help poor countries.

My other choice, I guess, would be Bill Gates.  His foundation does a lot to help people both in the US and abroad.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
How about George Clooney? He has fought tirelessly for peace in places like Darfur, and his efforts on behalf of Haiti were heroic. He uses his celebrity to get other celebrities to use theirs. I think he has done a lot of good, and has done so for years.
epollock | Student

I would give the Nobel Peace Prize to Father John Dear. Much has been written about him already. One doesn't have to be religious to know how much he has helped others.  He would be my choice.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Noble price is supposed to be awarded to a person who has won recognition during a year as the person who has contributed most to the cause of peace and prosperity throughout the world. It will be gross arrogance and impertinence on my part to think that, with my limited understanding and access to information of all the likely candidates for Nobel prize I can make a proper selection.

However, one names that immediately came to my mind was Baba Amte, a social worker active in Maharashtra state of India, who has been working relentlessly for last many decades for improving the lot of the most poor and unprivileged people. I believe he has been considered in the past by Nobel Prize Committee for award for the prize. But perhaps there were other candidates who deserved it more.